Martin Joseph

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to discuss your dreams for your home!
Good design and good craftsmanship are equally important in creating attractive, functional and financially-wise remodeling projects. Since the inception of Martin Joseph Design & Construction in march of 1992, we have worked to combine these two elements by building a dedicated and hardworking staff which includes both talented design expertise and excellent craftspeople.
Our goal with every client is to deliver a beautiful, buildable and affordable project. We hire experienced, career-minded carpenters, and we pay them competitive wages, with benefits. In addition, we have developed solid relationships with suppliers and subcontractors who share our commitment to quality, and who support us in delivering on our promise to you.
A key element in every design/build remodeling project is good communication. We start by listening to your ideas, your goals, and your budget. Throughout the process, we help to educate and inform, to help you make those inevitable tough decisions with confidence.

In the end, we hope your project will be as enjoyable for you as it always is for us; and that when it is finished, you'll feel good about your hardest decision - the decision to begin.

Thank you,